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Why Us

VersiCare Group is changing lives throughout communities with better care experiences and outcomes. We are recognized for our expertise, quality service, and passion to unravel challenges posed to us by any obstacle. We commit to delivering versatile solutions and services while empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

VersiCare is seeking to expand its footprint through acquisition and strategic partnerships with like-minded companies that share in our vision. We provide the necessary resources to help business owners reach their goals and overcome challenges. Whether the concern is in today’s regulatory pressures, funding reductions, or evolving industry changes, we provide a unique and tailored plan to fit your needs.

We believe organizations with scale, robust infrastructure, and multiple service delivery models can adapt to forthcoming challenges. VersiCare has the depth, structure, and velocity needed to thrive in these future changes.

We Are Here to Help You!

We provide a unique and tailored transition plan to fit your needs and expert solutions in many areas:

Creating a customized transition plan2022-04-19T17:38:24-07:00

We understand transition expectations and timelines vary for each prospective partner. Together, we develop a plan early, following your lead, to ensure all parties are comfortable.

Maintaining the well-being of recipients and staff2022-04-19T17:38:24-07:00

VersiCare is a people-first business. We uphold a culture of respect, dignity, and support for all who walk through our doors.

Funding future growth2022-04-19T17:38:24-07:00

VersiCare provides additional capital, capabilities, and flexibility where our partners need it. We are firm believers in shared success, offering significant stock-roll into the broader business.

Providing relief from daily challenges2022-04-19T17:38:24-07:00

Our leaders work hand-in-hand to address business challenges together. We provide dedicated support to build infrastructure, reduce back-office pains, and identify new opportunities to help each of our Partners reach their full potential.

Ensuring a Legacy2022-04-19T17:38:24-07:00

VersiCare is a family of companies. We recognize the years of work, time, and care our partners have invested to build their business. Our Partners’ legacies are unquestionably preserved.

Our Impact


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“The idea of an acquisition was a chance to continue to service the most vulnerable population alongside a company that could navigate the anticipated changes.”

~ Renea Sageser, Associates in Pediatric Therapy

“VersiCare understands the challenges of our industry. When I sold my business in 2020, VersiCare was excellent to work with during the transition and continues to build on what we started.”

~ Ben West, Positive Directions Support Services
“The opportunity to partner with VersiCare began as a conversation around valuing company culture and the challenges of navigating the evolving healthcare environment. The idea of a partnership was a chance to continue serving the most vulnerable population alongside a company that could anticipate regulatory changes and support our desired growth plans.”
~ Cole Caruso, Community Resource Network of Florida

Let’s see if
we’re a good fit.

VersiCare partners with business owners that share our people-first principles and business practices. We are actively expanding our array of behavioral health services throughout the Midwest, Southeast, and Central United States.

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